“See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for...” 
― Ray Bradbury

Our Essence

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The Purple Gallinule (in Spanish Tingua Azul) is a bird that travels across Colombia... So do we.

We are a team of travelers creating bridges to expand the tourism experience in Colombia, especially for those who seek travelling on their own terms.

Our Office

Meet The Team


Atenea Camacho

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General Manager

(in the broadest sense)

Finds hidden places because gets lost frequently...


Daniela Gómez

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Strategist and PR

Our kindest face to show!

On the quest for magical places that don't need a VFX fix...


Julián Manrique

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Cycling and Image Advisor

Passionate cyclist and birder

Comes with built-in battery that allows him to ride for days

Our Network