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3 places we went to in 2022

hiking chingaza colombia
Picture by @inkdustrial from @lavueltaesasi

As Colombian streets fill up with villancicos, music from Los 50 de Joselito, natilla, buñuelos and novenas, we are happily wrapping up the year and taking care of our travelers who are coming to ride in Colombia during the holidays.

To celebrate the end of the year, here are 3 destinations in Colombia we visited in 2022, a mood song for each one of them, and the reasons why we love them:

1. La Unión (Choachí)

Mood song: Morodo – Babilonia

One of our base camps for bikepacking, hiking or just relaxing out of the city. We love La Unión because it is only 1 hour away from Bogota, you can easily go by bike, public bus, or private transport, and you can visit some of our favorite people in the world, fellow bikepackers Alejandro and Lina, hosts of a beautiful rural homestay called Skale Peregrino. This has been our starting point for hikes, cycling trips and yoga retreats since we started our company in 2018. This year, we organized 2 scouting trips with Alejandro to San Juanito and El Calvario to check the logistics behind’s upcoming Ruta Chingaza, which were a total success.

What to do here? Bikepacking, road cycling, or hiking are our favorites, but even just a weekend or a daytrip getaway to enjoy the sound of the river and the birds are worthy.

How much time to visit this place? From daytrips to a couple of nights you’ll find it relaxing and enjoyable.

Recommended for:

  • Experienced bikepackers or road cyclists (contact us for an assessment call or to arrange luggage transfer)

  • Hikers and digital nomads looking for a tranquil location (contact us to arrange private transport and activities according to your interests)

2. Honda

Mood song: Karen Lizarazo - Rio Magdalena

More than its pebbled roads, colonial architecture and riverside landscapes, Honda was the epicenter of commerce during the 16th and 17th centuries, since all merchandise and passengers arriving or leaving through Cartagena had to pass through its port. This town tells the story of the Magdalena River, the connection between the center of the country and the Caribbean. It hosts the Magdalena River Museum, an interestingly cured exhibition of this story, and a must visit for travelers all ages. We love visiting Honda to escape from the chilling weather of Bogota and enjoy the heat and the sun, explore the intense cultural program of the city, and eat at one of the restaurants by the side of the river. Last time we went, for instance, a film festival was showcasing independent productions at a recently reopened Art-Deco style theater from the early decades of the XX century.

What to do here? Sightseeing and visiting nearby historical towns such as Ambalema and San Sebastian de Mariquita. Honda is also a basecamp for Alto de Letras, a landmark for road cyclists.

How much time to visit this place? Two to four nights

Recommended for:

  • Experienced bikepackers or road cyclists (contact us for an assessment call or to arrange luggage transfer)

  • Cultural travelers (contact us to arrange private transport and activities according to your interests)

3. Guasca

Mood song: Frailejón Ernesto Pérez

This year we had the privilege of participating in the scouting for Ruta El Dorado, as a part of the Bikepacking for Conservation Programme at Conservation International. We have loved Guasca for many years, but this time it was even more especial because we were able to work closely with Civil Society Natural Reserves, local guides that took us to guided hikes at Chingaza National Natural Park, and farmers who invited us to their homes to teach us about sustainable agriculture practices. We chose a children song about a frailejones, a type of tree that only grows in high altitude moors called paramos, because all these wonderful people play a role in the protection of this unique ecosystem, critical for the availability of water for over 10 million people. Just a couple of hours away from Bogota by car, Guasca is a great destination for short nature trips, including road and gravel cycling.

hiking in Guasca, Colombia
Picture by @inkdustrial from @lavueltaesasi

What to do here? Road cycling, bikepacking, hiking

How much time to visit this place? Daytrip or up to 4 days

Recommended for:

  • Hikers (can be mixed with bikepacking as in our package “Ruta Chingaza, our Version”)

  • Bikepackers

  • Road cyclists

  • Nature lovers

Eager to visit these places? contact us to help you with the arrangements!


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