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The ultimate Colombia adventure: Bikepacking and climbing in Florian, Santander

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

If you are into adventure travelling, you’re going to like this one. We designed this cycling itinerary so it has everything a cyclist seeks for: long and constant climbs, river passes, open landscapes through the mountains and the whole adventure through gravel paths, no cars along the way. It ends at a climber's paradise, so if you are into climbing, you are definitely going to like this. Check the video below!

This 4 day adventure between the mountains starts in Sutatasa, an hour away from Bogota by car, and sums a total elevation gain of 16.404 ft (5.000m), a challenge that gets harder every day until it reaches the majestic Tisquizoque caves, a natural marvel that is not even known by most Colombians.

Not sure how to get to Florian? Let us make it happen for you with our tailor-made itineraries that help you keep travelling safe and smooth.

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