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A magical trip to La Guajira with a native Wayuú company

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Years ago we had the fortune to meet José Luis Pushaina, a Wayuú entrepreneur, expert birder and leader in his community. José Luis owns a company called Guajira Birding Travel, and he is one of those local allies that we are proud to work with.

La Guajira is one of those magical destinations in Colombia that has so much to explore, it is sometimes difficult to choose where to go. And yet, with Guajira Birding Travel we know that even a short trip can fill our travelers with unique learning opportunities and travel experiences. Traveling with native Wayuú guides, whose ancestors have lived in this territory for centuries, is an advantage when it comes to absorbing the meanings of this amazing place.

Besides, José Luis' specialty is bird watching, so in addition to its offer for adventures and experiences in La Guajira, his company is the best option for bird watchers who want to go to La Guajira and the North of Colombia. José and his team offer customized plans and services, so we recommend, without a doubt, contacting them to get to know La Guajira from their native perspective.

Birding in La Guajira
José Luis Pushaina, Guajira Birding Travel

In 2020 we worked with José Luis's company to update and strengthen its web presence. It goes without saying that we recommend them, but we also recommend visiting the contents of their page, full of ideas and information about the Guajira, the Wayuú people and the Northern Colombia Birding Trail.


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