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A trip to Colombia

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

This year we focused on finding new ways to travel, dreaming about places we wanted to visit, finding ways to discover a destination with our imagination. "A trip to Colombia" was one of the results of this process. We present our new collection of souvenirs from the #HiddenTreasures line, which includes, among others, hand-made embroidery by @ateneacamacho.

Our inspiration comes from an imaginary journey, the journey that we would ideally design for a traveler in love with biodiversity. We created a travel journey that begins as follows:

"For a nature lover, traveling to Colombia was the greatest dream. When I finally made it come true, I reserved 50 days for a magical trip, with enough time to absorb it all. Although I did not expect to arrive and see hundreds of animals pass in front of me (as it happened in my dreams), together with my travel advisors we created an itinerary to know the diversity of landscapes and ecosystems that create a megadiverse and unique country, where I could surely see some of these animals with my binoculars ".

Read the complete travel journal here.

Welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy this new journey.


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