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MTB Cycling in Bogota: Short rides

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

These MTB rides are very entertaining. They start in Chia, a town that about 7.5 mi / 12 km from Bogotá, so you can choose to ride from the city, or, as we recommend, take our transportation service as this is a busy road. Once in Chia, choose your route accordig to its level of difficulty:

Easy rides - Around the block

Chia means moon in Muisca, the indigenous culture that once inhabited the savannah around Bogotá, and from this city we will ride through the mountains to Tenjo and Tabio. Even if it's an easy ride, it has two fun mountain passes that offer beautiful views of the savanna. You can finish with an excellent lunch at the popular Andrés carne de Res, or at one of the local Fritanguerías (fried meat, fried rice, all fried) common in this area.

Total distance: 18.6mi / 30km

Elevation gain: 1.640ft / 500m

Intermediate rides

Yerbabuena to Sopó

Start with one of the most popular mountain passes among the locals called "Alto de Yerbabuena", from where you descend through the mountain to Sopó, and cross the plain road of the savannah.


Total distance: 25mi / 40km

Elevation gain: 2,230ft / 680m

Advanced rides


Pionono is considered the second steepest pavement route in the country, with 1.7 miles (2.7 km) to 15.1%. Start in Chia, heat up in Yerbabuena and arrive in Sopó, where Pionono is located. Finally, go down an unpaved road until you reach the flat road to return.


Churunguaco is in Tenjo, a beautiful small city declared a national cultural heritage. This is Pionono's little brother, but it is just as steep, the biggest challenge is to keep going. You can return to the city by a gravel path or by road.


Total distance: 27mi / 43km

Elevaton gain: 4.068ft / 1.240m

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