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Bike Case Luggage Storage Service in Bogotá

Cycling adventure in Colombia

Embarking on a bikepacking adventure in the picturesque landscapes of Colombia is a dream for many cycling enthusiasts. However, the logistics of transporting and storing your bike case can often be a daunting challenge. At Hidden Journeys, we understand the unique needs of independent cyclists, and that's why we've crafted a specialized luggage storage service, ensuring that your bike case is safe, secure, and ready at your return. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of our luggage storage service, offering insights into its benefits and exclusions.

1. What is the Luggage Storage Service?

Our luggage storage service involves the seamless receipt, storage, and delivery of your luggage or bicycle case for the agreed period. You can drop off and pick up your belongings at our headquarters in Tingua Hidden Journeys or any other mutually agreed-upon location. For those needing pick-up or delivery in a different city, a nominal additional charge will be applied to the deposit service.

2. Service Inclusions and Exclusions

We prioritize the security and convenience of your belongings during the storage period. Our service covers the storage of large luggage pieces, including bike cases, in third-party facilities. Hidden Journeys takes care of the transfer of your luggage to the facility and ensures its safe return to our headquarters. It's important to note that our service doesn't include insurance for events beyond our control, such as fires, earthquakes, or other unforeseen circumstances that may result in loss or damage to your luggage. We recommend clients obtain separate insurance coverage for such situations.

While our facility doesn't offer 24/7 access to baggage, we commit to having your luggage ready at the agreed drop-off location. If you require your luggage on a different day or time, additional costs may apply.

Colombia landscape bikepacking

3. Reservations & Cancellations

Securing your reservation is a straightforward process – simply pay 100% of the service fee through our digital channels. This subscription is fully refundable up to three days before the scheduled service. In the event of a cancellation within 1 to 3 days before the service, you're entitled to a 75% refund. Unfortunately, cancellations made on the day of the service are non-refundable. Refunds are processed through the same channel used for payment. We offer daily and monthly fees for storage over 14 days. Contact us to enquire about availability and prices.

4. The Value of Hidden Journeys' Luggage Storage Service

  • Peace of Mind: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your bike case is securely stored, allowing you to focus on the thrill of your cycling adventure.

  • Convenience: Our flexible drop-off and pick-up options, including the possibility of different city locations, ensure convenience tailored to your travel plans.

  • Reliability: With Hidden Journeys, you can trust that your luggage will be ready at the agreed location, providing a reliable service for your travel needs.

Hidden Journeys' bike case luggage storage service is designed with the needs of independent cyclists in mind. As you plan your bikepacking adventure through Colombia, let us take care of the logistics, providing you with a secure, convenient, and reliable solution for storing your bike case. Book with us today and embark on your cycling journey with confidence!


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