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Bikepacking in Subachoque with our friends from 3 Puertos Gravel

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

One of our great allies is 3 Puertos Gravel, a bike-bistro for cyclists located in Subachoque, an hour and a half from Bogotá. 3 Puertos promotes gravel cycling, offering a carefully selected menu and a boutique of cycling clothing and accessories curated with the style of its partners, Camilo and Rafael.

Together with them, we are managing the project that was endorsed by Cocrea, to create a bikepacking route that starts and ends in Subachoque. We are happy about our recent meeting with the Institute of Culture and Tourism of Subachoque, in which we made sure that this project is in the interest of the municipality and that it is aligned with the policies and objectives of the current administration.

Soon we hope to tell you more news, for now, we invite you to visit Subachoque and not miss a delicious toast with coffee in 3 puertos.

Rafa and Cami, partners at 3 Puertos Gravel


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