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Travel adventures near Bogota: Coffee, fruits and cycling in Choachi

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Choachi is a small town located right behind the Guadalupe hill. On the way to this town, you will find a perfectly paved road to enjoy a great cycling journey, fantastic climbing routes, wonderful wetlands for hiking and a magical waterfall.

For cyclists:

Take the time you need to ride your bike through one of the highest peaks nearby Bogota, and plunge into the life of a traditional Colombia town like Choachi. You will experience the magical nature of the Andes and its magnificence: coffee plantations, abundance of fruits, and you will be hosted in a lovely eco-lodge away from any noise, near a river, surrounded by birds.

After a well deserved rest, the second day will be challenging, as you will be climbing 20.5 miles (33 km) with an elevation gain of 6.561 ft (2.000 km), an adventure you won’t forget!

For hikers and climbers:

On the top of the mountain you will find several options for hiking. Our recommendation is to take a hike at Matarredonda, a paramo (wetland) that differs from many others as it has a dryer vegetation. If you are visiting durng a humid season (April to November, more less), visit La Chorrera, one of the tallest waterfalls in Colombia. For climbing, reach Valle Escondido, where you will find beautiful routes grading 5.11c to 5.13.

For cultural seekers: Enjoy a day or two in the countryside and visit coffee and honey farms, eat lots of fresh fruits and learn about cultural diversity through food. Choachi is one of the places where the Andes meets the Llanos, the plains that extent all the way to Venezuela.

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