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Cycling in Colombia: What makes Colombia so special?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

In recent years, a fresh wave of rumors and headlines have spread a new image of Colombia, an image that highlights its natural and cultural diversity, its mountains, forests, beaches, birds, and specially, its people. It has always been there, hidden behind a cloud of a deep internal conflict that is slowly healing. So now that the country is opening its doors, more and more cyclists are coming to unveil the secrets that have always made Colombia shine around the world: the roads that paved our way to world-tour championships in the legs of cyclists like Nairo Quintana, Esteban Chaves, Rigoberto Uran, Lucho Herrera, Fabio Parra and so many others.

Just by taking a look at Colombia’s topography you will understand. The astounding Cordillera de los Andes that spreads along South America from Patagonia in the South to the Caribbean Sea splits in three parts as it reaches Colombia. The country is therefore divided by three massive mountain chains that provide unlimited cycling excitement. Adding to this, its tropical location delivers a whole variety of weathers depending on the altitude, all year long. So be ready to feel all the seasons in just one climb, to taste what these varied landscapes have to offer, starting from its world famous coffees to fruits you have never heard of and dishes that will take you to heaven.​ Be ready to discover paths that haven't been cycled.

Don't (just) take our word for it...

​We honestly can’t be objective. Here are some articles and documentaries that can be more truthful (and inspiring):

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