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Cycling routes near Bogota: Dance the VALS - Vuelta a la Sabana

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Vuelta a la sabana is the great loop around the savanna that extends from Bogota’s eastern mountains to the northwest. Vals is an endurance ride that starts in Patios, a 4 mile climb (6,7 km) with 1.400ft slope (420m), going through a rich variety of landscapes and small towns where Muiscas, one of the golden indigenous cultures of Colombia, left their print. After patios it is all fairly plain, making a great trip that gets you to Sopó, famous for its delicious dairy product and desserts factory, Alpina. You loop back to Bogota through the savanna, coming back fresh at the end of the day.

Total distance: 54,6mi / 88km

Elevation gain: 3.267ft / 960m

You can spice this VALS trying the VALS on steroids. This Intermediate / Advanced ride goes through the mountains to the lake city of Guatavita where El Dorado was thought to be, and Sesquilé, a nice spot to refresh before looping back to Bogota through the savanna.

Total distance: 87mi / 140km

Elevation gain: 4.921ft / 1.500m

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