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Exploring other forms of travelling

One of our favorite activities are our yoga day trips in nature, where we work with Diana Manzanera, a yoga instructor based in Bogota. Searching for alternative ways to travel during COVID isolation, we found the soundscapes of the Colombian National Natural Park System (PNN). We decided to create a short active pause session with these sounds in the background, and since Diana's last trip before lockdown was to the Amazon, we chose the PNN Amacayacu for our first session.

Colombia Amazonas
Photo courtesy Diana Manzanera

For now, the session is only available in Spanish, but you can check out the routine to stretch and relax your back. Below the video you will find information about Amacayacu and In Situ Radio program of National Natural Parks of Colombia.

Active pause session in the Colombian Amazon

About Amacayacu

Amacayacu is one of the most important biodiversity reserves of the Colombian Amazon, it was created in 1975 and to date, more than 5,000 species of flora and fauna have been registered within its limits. Among these, some curious ones such as the little lion tamarin - the smallest primate in America, a turtle that mimics dry leaves underwater, huge silver-blue butterflies and the largest lotus flower in the world. The park had tourist activities allowed, but the fragility of the ecosystem forced PNN to suspend these activities to promote its recovery. This has allowed the indigenous communities of San Martín de Amacayacu and Mocagua to provide tourist services, where they can have a cultural and community experience, while visiting the vicinity of the park with the guidance of its native inhabitants. Ask us how to visit these communities, writing to

About the soundscapes of the National Natural Parks

Since 2010 Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia has had a radio station, In Situ Radio, dedicated exclusively to conservation issues. One of the specials they have created is called "Sound Landscapes", in which it is possible to "listen to the sounds of Colombia's biodiversity from the sea to the mountains". You can find the complete list of soundscapes here.

We hope you enjoy these sounds, and continue to explore new ways of traveling :)


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