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Eyes Everywhere - Help Us Protect Our Children

Updated: May 21, 2020

Between 2013 and 2017, over 7,500 victims of child sexual exploitation were registered in Colombia. In the context of Travel and Tourism, attention to these types of crimes should be a priority for all actors, since certain situations, such as the anonymity of visitors, facilitate abusive clients to violate the territory with crimes as sexual exploitation of minors, human trafficking and micro-trafficking, among others.

All tourism actors, no matter how large or small, can implement practices to fulfill our commitment against the sexual exploitation of minors. As the #OjosEnTodasPartes campaign says, we can all protect our children by promoting behaviors and norms that prevent abuse, and disseminating the formal complaint channels that exist.

We Are All Committed

Local homestays must generate guidelines that do not allow or promote sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. An example is implementing the hotel registry and requiring that it includes the identification of minors who enter the establishments, and those staying with them.

Likewise, the homestays must ensure that this commitment is understood and adopted by each of their collaborators, to repress, condemn and report to the competent authorities any criminal act and exploitation or sexual abuse against minors of which they have knowledge.

Homestays must combat, prohibit and reject the dissemination of pornographic material with minors by the company's personnel, its contractors and suppliers, during their working hours through the use of company facilities.

Finally, in the tourism promotion programs promoted by the establishment, those who expressly or secretly promote or carry out sexual exploitation of minors must be condemned and rejected.

Lines of complaint is a portal of Red PaPaz, where you can make online complaints of sexual exploitation of minors, websites with child sexual abuse material and other crimes.

Line 141 is a national free line that the Colombian Family Welfare Institute makes available to any adult or child who needs to report an emergency, make a report or ask for guidance on cases of child abuse, sexual violence, school harassment, child labor or consumption of psychoactive substances, among many other situations that threaten or affect the life and integrity of a child or adolescent.

Find all the homestays that work with us in favor of sustainable development here.


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