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Cycling in Bogota: Our favorite family-friendly rides

Updated: May 21, 2020

Is there anything better than riding with the whole family by your side? We certainly don't think so, but near Bogota it is hard to find routes that will make everyone happy. Fortunately, we have been exploring and found two options that will suit everyone for a great riding day.

Bogota cycling, easy rides
Laguna de Suesca, the perfect family ride near Bogota.

Laguna de Suesca: Something for everyone

This is a gorgeous ride that starts in Cucunuba, 2 hours away from Bogota by car. The total ride is 35Km (21.7 miles), but the first 5Km (3 miles) are a constant climb. So, if someone in your family wants to try their resistance, let them start first while you have some breakfast and visit the gorgeous main plaza of this dairy-production small town. We do recommend taking a support car so everyone can enjoy this experience, by hopping on during the more intense parts of the journey (you can book a 6 place support car with driver by filling our booking form).

Afterwards, let the whole family meet in the beautiful plains that surround the Suesca Lake, and climb the little ride up to El Mirador for the views (and maybe a refreshment). The last 3Km will be challenging again, but if you take a support car with you, anyone who doesn't want to climb can just hop on.

This ride finishes in Suesca, where you can have lunch in "Rica Pizza" and go back to Bogota, or stay somo more days for rock climbing or trekking.

Tenjo Tabio - Level 0 of difficulty!

These two towns are connected by quite a number of gravel paths, offering a bunch of difficulty options for cyclists. The problem is choosing the correct way for a smooth ride. Check the map down below and enjoy one of the few fairly plain routes near Bogota!

Let us make your cycling trip come true, tell us about it in our booking form.


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