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Road cycling near Bogota: Our chef’s recommendation for a one day ride

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

There is a saying in Colombia “¿Quién dijo miedo?” – Basically, who’s a chicken?. We bring it up because this is one of the hardest mountain passes you can get around Bogota. After passing Guadalupe (10.500ft / 3.200m elevation and a total climb of approximately 6,2mi / 10km) the road descends 15.5mi (25km) to Choachí, a warm town full of fruits and rivers. Here you will understand the temperature differences of the tropic, which depend on altitude rather than season.

Bogota is at 8.500ft (2.600m) above the sea level, while Choachi is at 6.200 ft (1.900m), you can make this ride harder by going further down to Ubaque (5.000ft / 1.500m above the sea level). The road is neat and there is few traffic, you’ll make a total of 62mi (100km) of distance and more than 8.200ft (2.500m) elevation gain. Thus, you’ll get the best views looking from the mountain to the savanna.

Total distance: 52,8mi / 85km

Elevation gain: 8.200ft / 2.500m

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