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Road cycling near Bogota: Reach that perfect view from Guadalupe hill

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

With one of the best views of Bogota you can get, Guadalupe climb is a great challenge in terms of elevation, reaching 10.500 ft (3.200m) of elevation gain and a total climb of approximately 6,2mi (10km), finishing with a mountain pass. You can choose to keep going all the way to the very popular tienda “el 11” where you will with Aguadepanela con queso, a typical Colombian hot drink made of cane sugar served with fresh cheese. Beware that this route is safe only on Thursdays, when it is guarded by the police. On the rest of the week it is not advisable to take it, as it has become a popular spot for bike robbery.

This journey is very popular amongst riders because there is few traffic and the view is a great prize. If you are looking for something more challenging, check the advanced continuation of this ride.

Total distance: 19mi / 31km

Elevation gain: 2.300ft / 700m

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