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We Are Growing, We Are Changing!

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

On June 13, 2019 we celebrated our first year since we launched our site, with the clear idea of creating opportunities for people: for local communities that want to get involved in sustainable tourism, for visitors who want to know a side of Colombia rarely seen in magazines, and for ourselves.

Our first year brought us great experiences, wonderful clients, many miles of cycling adventures, a new super-partner and a LOT of ideas. Today we are ready to integrate these ideas into our portfolio and make them come true. We continue to offer cycling experiences for those who want to travel by bike in Colombia, and now also for those who are looking for hiking and climbing in the country. We arranged our tailor-made itinerary services for our clients, so we are able to make them feel like they have a friend in Colombia.

In addition, we begun to integrate our team's experience in video production, cultural heritage and sustainable tourism to offer new lines of business: One, directed towards cultural travelers, to give them rich advise for their visit to Colombia, and to create contents that complement the cultural offer in the places we recommend. The other, aimed at those Treasure Hunters who seek to keep memories of Colombia alive through unique objects, made with artists who use cultural and natural diversity as their source of inspiration.

Our new website is almost ready, you are encouraged to explore it and find out more about our entire offer. From now on you will find in Tingua Hidden Journeys contents of adventure, culture and much more.

Thank you for joining us during this first year! We hope to keep exploring with you our beautiful country.


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