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We were featured in Outside Magazine!

Updated: May 21, 2020

Some months ago we did a transfer service for WhereNext, a creative agency based in Bogota, where Julián, one of our co-founders works as a Videographer. The service was for Graham Averill, a reporter for Outside Magazine coming to cover the Dictador Art Masters event, a graffiti festival in an abandoned rum distillery in the countryside.

Graham had come to Colombia four years ago, when he also went with WhereNext to cover cycling activities in the country, and where he first met Julián. This time, we talked about cycling in Colombia and what we are trying to do, discovering new and exciting places while riding all over our country, and helping visitors enjoy the same.

We are very happy to be included in Graham's article about tourism in Colombia, which we think was very well contextualized and includes a lot of relevant information on cycling, birding and graffiti. Read the article here.


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