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Traveling creates unforgettable experiences, stored in memories that can be triggered by objects that transport us back to the place where we got them.

Keep your memories of Colombia alive through these hidden treasures.

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Animals of Colombia:

A travel journal 


Our first collection


Hummingbirds of Colombia



In 2020, we focused on exploring new ways of traveling, dreaming about places we wanted to visit and finding ways to discover a destination with our imagination.


"Animals of Colombia" was one of the results of this process

Read the complete travel journal here.

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Hand-made embroidered pins
Unique series of handmade embroidery by Atenea Camacho,  out of stock.
cardenal guajiro.JPG
Color pins in wood and resin - collab with Home Made Store

Limited series of pins in wood, color and coated in resin. Ask about the 20 animals in the travel journal!

cuadro ballena.JPG
"Travel journal" Series
Unique series of 18 x 13cm mixed media paintings by Atenea Camacho, out of stock.
Oso perezoso.JPG
Wood pins - collab with Pingrafias

Limited series of pins in wood, ask about the 20 animals in the travel diary!



Hummingbirds of Colombia

A collection of original photographs by Julián Manrique, in high quality printing for hanging and coasters.

Our hummingbirds have flied all over the world!

We have the last units of 10 x 10 cm frames and sublimation wooden cup holders, as well as custom prints in larger sizes. Write us to learn more, we ship globally.

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