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What is sustainable tourism?

A kind of tourism that serves its destinations, by contributing to natural conservation, appropriation by local communities of their cultural and natural heritage, and economic benefits for the people who live there. A kind of tourism that generates positive impacts and controls its negative impact to keep it to a minimum.  

How do we contribute?

We aim to strengthen local communities interested in getting involved in cultural and adventure tourism. We seek to promote and support projects where we can complement and enhance the offer of the community.

Homestays and local operators

Colombia is committed to sustainable and quality tourism. To support these efforts, we generate contents to help homestays  and other local operators comply with their commitments on Sustainable Tourism and strenghten their capacities to serve foreign tourists.

Homestays and local actors

Our network of local collaborators

All our work is based on connecting foreign visitors to amazing local who offer great services. Colombia has over 1.000 towns and our mission is to have an ally in all of them! 


Complementing the offer of local communities

We are aware of the different forms we can work together with our network of local collaborators to enhance their offer! 

We also work with amazing professionals in different fields to support all our initiatives. 

Learn more about our projects here.


More on our commitment and initiatives for sustainable tourism:

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