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Pasaje Andino – Bogota to Medellin

Updated: Jan 16

Self-guided bikepacking – Mostly Paved – 10 days

Experience Colombia through its valleys and mountains on this unforgettable route that connects the two main cities of the country. Discover the contrast between the peaceful rural areas, historical towns, and vibrant landscapes that lie between Bogota and Medellin. Ride safely out of Bogota with our local advice and support, while enjoying the tranquility of the countryside.

Why we love this route

Pasaje Andino was born from our first bike rental sale. A couple came to us looking for a recommendation for a great bikepacking trip in Colombia. We wanted to showcase a route different from the popular ones in Boyacá or the Coffee Triangle, something similar to our Mountain Madness Expedition but less challenging.

We chose our favorite secondary road, Bogotá to Cambao, and connected it with small towns, where we've met truly special people. This route is perfect for cyclists who want to stay mostly on paved roads, ride at their own pace, and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside.

Difficulty and cycling profile

This route requires a good level of cycling ability and optimal health. Daily distances range from 20Km (12mi) to 90Km (56mi). You should be well trained before attempting this itinerary. The route uses primary and secondary roads, so you should be comfortable riding in vehicle traffic.

  • Day 1: 96 Km (59.65 mi), 1,066m (3,500 ft) elevation gain, 100% Pavement

  • Day 2: 56 Km (34.8 mi), 384m (1,260 ft) elevation gain, 100% Pavement

  • Day 3: 58 Km (36 mi), 319m (1,046 ft) elevation gain, 100% Pavement (high temperatures and humidity levels)

  • Day 4: 19 Km (11.8 mi), 15m (49 ft) elevation gain, 100% Pavement (high temperatures and humidity levels)

  • Day 5: 35 Km (22 mi), 120m (394 ft) elevation gain, 100% Pavement (high temperatures and humidity levels)

  • Day 6: 82 Km (51 mi), 660m (2,165 ft) elevation gain, 100% Pavement

  • Day 7: 40.8 Km (25.3 mi), 1,560m (5,118 ft) elevation gain, 100% Pavement

  • Day 8: 40.7 Km (25.3 mi), 1,000m (3,280 ft) elevation gain, 50% Pavement

  • Day 9: 64.3 Km (40 mi), 1,750m (5,741 ft) elevation gain, 100% Pavement



  • Meet us virtually for a preparation call with all the details of your trip

  • If you're staying in one of our recommended hotels or areas, we'll drop off your bikepacking bags so you can pack ahead of time


  • Pick up the bikes at our location and meet your cycling advisor

  • Ride with a cycling advisor from Bogota to the city's exit to start your journey safely

DAY 2 TO 9

  • Follow our recommendations and have enough flexibility to accommodate the tour to your own pace and liking


  • Meet our driver to pickup your luggage and return the bikes, you can easily continue your trip to Medellin or to Bogota, let us know if you would like toad a transfer to your package!

bike boat colombia
Picture by George Parra, @georgeparra

Prices and services

For your conveniences, we offer this package in 2 levels of service: Bikepacking, including bike rental and bikepacking gear and a ride with a local advisor to exit the city on day 1 and luggage and bike pick up in Guatapé at the end of your trip; or self-guided which includes remote assistance for your journey. If you are not sure what if the best level of service for you, take our test to check it out!

Included in each service category:


​Self - guided

Preparation video call prior to your trip



​Ride GPX files



​Route book



Luggage storage



​Luggage drop off and bike pick up in Guatape



​MTB bike rental 10 days


​Local, English speaking cycling advisor exiting the city with you on day 1


We are updating our prices for 2024, please contact us for a quote.

Notes: All expenses for your driver and local cycling advisor are covered.

Booking process

Our booking process is highly customized. For starters, fill our booking form available here and tell us about your needs and preferences. We are more than just travel planners, we are your friends in Colombia and we are here to help you navigate, so feel free to send us all your questions.

Please make sure to contact us at least 2 weeks before the start of your trip, so we can make all the arrangements. After we get in touch and confirm your desired itinerary and you agree with the quote, you will receive a Paypal link. To confirm your booking, a 50% payment must be made, while the rest can be payed up to the day before the start of your trip.

Once your booking is confirmed, we will start making all the arrangements with the service providers that will be part of your itinerary, and that’s it! We will keep close contact with you to make sure everything starts and goes on smoothly. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write us an email to


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