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Cycling in Bogota with the locals: Blend in on the way to Patios and La Calera

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

This is one of the most popular rides from Bogota, great for acclimatization and to be part of the large community of bogotano bikers. Every morning from calle 82 a lot of people (it can go up to 5.000 people on Sundays) start their day with a 4 mile climb (6,7 km) with 1.400ft slope (420m).

You can choose to go further all the way to La Calera, a small town with a history of indigenous roots and mining, where you will delight yourself with Aguadepanela con arepa, a typical colombian hot drink made of cane sugar and what could be best described as thick corn tortillas. This will give you enough energy to climb back to Bogota.

Total distance: 24,8mi / 40km

Elevation gain: 2.788ft / 850m

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