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Our Projects

We constantly apply to grants and opportunities to make our sustainability and content creation projects a reality.
These are some of our initiatives:

sustainable tourism
COCREA/ bikepacking

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2020 / We passed the evaluation made by the government to offer tax benefits for income tax payers in Colombia who invest in this project.

We want to develop a new cultural tourism product based on bicycle tourism, to benefit not only tourists and cyclists, but 22 towns in the country.

If you are not a tax payer in Colombia, you can still benefit from the rewards in our crowdfunding campaign! email us at for more information.

content innovation
bogota / audiotour

Mesa de trabajo 3-100.jpg

2021 / Thanks to a grant by from Bogota's tourism fund, we were able to produce our audiotour called "Bogota, City of Contrasts". We had worked on the script with two local historians and our team of storytellers, and we have now the tour available in Spanish in the app VoiceMap.

content development
guajira / website

Logo Guajira Birding Jose Luis Pushaina_Alta.png

2020  / Thanks to Guajira Birding Travel, who chosed us as their content provider, we were able to develop their website on a way they could operate it directly in the future, with apropriate and atractive content for their clients. You can visit their website here.

cultural heritage
bogota / audiotour

Cartilla recorrido.jpg

2020 / Thanks to a grant from the Cultural Heritage Institute of Bogota, we developed a rearch process with the neighbors of a traditional neighborhood built in the 60s in the city. With this research we created our first audiotour, available for free in Spanish here. 

we love collaborations!
if you want to discuss a project email us at

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