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Our project is elegible for tax discount in Colombia!

We passed the evaluation made by the government to offer tax benefits for income tax payers in Colombia who invest in this project.

We want to develop a new cultural tourism product based on bicycle tourism, to benefit not only tourists and cyclists, but 22 towns in the country.

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We especialize on a type of cycling known as bikepacking. It is a self-supported type of travel, in which the cyclists carries everything the need with them. It has an intrinsic cultural component since the traveler must have an exchange with the local communities through which he passes, which, from our work as bikepackers advisers, entails a deepening of the cultural experience of the trip.

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The project


The route "Among rivers and mountains" will be designed with the active participation of local communities, along 22 towns of the areas of Boyacá, Cundinamarca and Tolima.

This route will have an international launch with the first ultra-cycling race in Colombia, but also, and fulfilling our mission to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism in the country, the route will be marked and can be used by the towns that want to market it and by cyclists who want to visit it after the race.

We want to empower local hosts (cooks, artisans, guides, inns, etc.) to offer their services and we will also generate a script for cultural interpretation that will be available to the public for free. To make this known, the race will end with a fair where the municipalities involved will be able to sell their products.


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